Sunday, December 5, 2010

County Board still likely to consider O'Connell proposal in January

Many residents received notices Saturday that the County Board meeting to consider O'Connell's plan will be held next Saturday, Dec. 11. And indeed, the agenda shows that item. But it indicates the staff recommendation is to "Defer the use permit amendment request for expanding the use of the site by lighting the existing athletic fields to the January 22, 2011 County Board meeting."

The link indicates the county is waiting for (1) updated photometrics; (2) a revised site plan showing light pole locations; (3) proposed parking plan; (4) landscaping plan "particularly showing light spillage on North 26th Street and Trinidad."  The staff recommendation also notes O'Connell's request for 70-80 foot light poles and additional setbacks and states that those requests would not be in compliance with Arlington ordinance requirements.

We'll update the blog as soon as we have confirmation of the date. But in the meantime, residents are encouraged to write and call County Board members in the next few days, since they will be seeing the item on their agenda.